Saturday, September 08, 2007

Feed Me!

On Tuesday we went up to LA to see mommy's high school friend Jen. She took us to a Korean restaurant called Chung Ki Wa. Very yummy! I ate lots of rice and noodles and tasty bits of who knows what. Plus I got to watch golf on the big screen all through lunch!

Us with Aunty Jen at Chung Ki Wa

Afterwards we went to the Natural History Museum, which I've never been to. Mommy and daddy said I went there just before I was born, but that doesn't count, does it? I couldn't see outside. This time I saw all the stuffed elephants and lions and I played in the Discovery Room. I "discovered" that furry skins aren't scary, but plastic lobsters are.

Afterwards we drove back down to the family badminton facility to watch my Aunty Cee play in the US Open. She played mixed doubles against the former #1 badminton player in the world and his partner from Indonesia. They looked like they played well, but mommy told me they did not win. Oh well, they're only like 13 years old!

Cee with my cousin Phillip

When I went to eat dinner at the family's restaurant, I saw Cousins Ariel and Sydney again. They were eating their dinner. After they finished, Ariel decided to feed me. It was so much fun! I think they need to come to Boston to feed me every day, but I think their family wants them to stay in Orange County.

Sydney and Ariel feeding me

Next time, on to Hawaii!

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