Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big Maine Post

Last weekend, for Daddy's birthday, we went on a trip to Maine. Come to think of it, that sounds kind of familiar...

First stop, LL Bean. Mommy bought me some new winter shoes.

These boots are made for dancing
These boots are made for dancing!

Then on to hiking at a little park.

Wolfie Neck
Hiking at Wolfe's Neck

On the hike Ah Gu spotted a frog!

Where'd it go?

Then we went to the hotel. When we opened the window, guess what? A-pay! We were right outside the airport! I got to watch airplanes take off all weekend!

Portland Jetport
Portland Jetport

What this do?
What's this do?

After checking out the airplanes, it was time for grownups to start with the eating of these big red crabbies they call "lobstah".

Where's mine?
Where's mine?

The next day we drove further up the coast and went for a walk in another park. This one was supposed to have quite a view of the coast.

What view?
View of the coast

Well we got to walk anyway, and mommy let me "hike" by myself! It wasn't so much fun for her later when I decided I'd rather play in the mud, but hey, if you're going to let me explore...

Hiking in Camden Hills
Getting shoes dirty

After hike, more lobstah.

Brother-sister lobster eaters
Mama and Ah Gu match!

On this trip, I learned I like chowder.

It's Chow-DAH!
It's Chow-DAH!

Driving back down the coast we went to an aquarium where you could touch the fishies. In theory.

"Sharp!" [Shark]

No 'tah!
I don't think I'll touch the sea 'tah either

They also had a big half-blue half-red lobstah too. It wasn't half cooked. Daddy said it was born like that.

Half blue-half orange lobster
You can't touch this

Looking out on the water in Boothbay Harbor
Yay aquarium!

On our last day we went out to see a lighthouse, like in my Lighthouses book that grandma got me.

Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light

I tried to ring the bell to warn the ships of the dangerous rocks, but it didn't make much noise.

Ding dong
Ding ding

Then we went to the train museum! Actually, these were "trolleys" which are like trains but don't have engines. Daddy says he gets to ride one every day but he was still into the trolleys.

First stop was the fields, where the grownups made all the kids work picking pumpkins while they sat around and drank cider.

Hard at work in the fields
Hard at work

Then we rode around the countryside in the train until we got back to the start.

After the cider, Ah Gu had a Moxie

I got to wear an engineer hat and drive a trolley.

Choo choo! Where's the steering wheel?
Where's the steering wheel?

But I think I liked the pumpkin best...


Finally it was time for one last lobstah. I got the claw and then Ah Gu gave me some of the meat from inside the body.


Daddy ate so much lobstah I think he might have turned into one.


It was a fun fun trip. Hopefully we get to go back next year!

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