Monday, June 15, 2009

Full Moon, Dragon Boats, Patriots Place, and the Revolutions

Last Sunday we had a many adventure day... After brunch at the fun restaurant where they have a play space (as opposed to a Playland or Playplace), we went down to Harvard to see the Dragon Boat racing.

This year we didn't watch so much dragons or boats as we did yo yos.

Chinese yo yos
These kids were way better than the guys we saw at the street performer festival. But they weren't better than these guys who we didn't see at the street performer festival.

Owen trying on Aki's floppy hat
We watched a little of the racing after the yo yos. Here's Owen staying safe from the sun with Aki's hat.

Owen beading
Back at the beading table.

Since there wasn't too much more to see after that, we left. We drove to see a soccer team play and while we were waiting for the game to start, we went down to a big store called Bass Pro Shops. It was super cool inside.

Turtle pond
They had a giant cave with a pool

And they had all kinds of things to ride on!

Test drives
Can I have one of these, daddy?

Test drives
How about this?

Test drives
Or a pair of these? Aki can have one too.

Bass Pro Shops is super fun! But then it was time to go to the soccer game.

This is how close we got to sit. Here are the players warming up.

Owen showing what he did the whole evening
Our seats

Teams entering the stadium
Then the players came out

Teams entering the stadium
Wait a minute, I've seen that fox somewhere before...

Red Bull parachutist entering the stadium to boos
The team was playing the New York Red Bulls. As this parachute guy came down, people were upset that he was a Red Bulls parachute guy.

Then the game started. It was very exciting!

Emmanuel Osei (5) clears a ball
Here is a guy hitting the ball with his head.

Right after this, we sent daddy to get more popcorn for me, and while he was gone, the good guys scored a goal.

It was okay though. In the second half, the good guys scored another goal, and it was right in front of us!

Steve Ralston celebrates his goal
Steve scored this goal

Mommy and Aki celebrate a goal
Aki was happy about the goal

Since it was 2-0 and it was getting late, we decided to head off for the exits. Of course, by the time we actually left, the good guys scored 2 more goals that would have been right in front of us if we'd stayed. Oh well, it was definitely time to go.

Leaving the stadium after a long day
Here we are, walking back to the car after a fun filled day. This picture is for Kung Kung. That's an elevated water tank that might or might not contain treated reclaimed wastewater from the stadium. I'm not so sure.

What a great day we had! I hope we will get to go back to try some more cars and boats and see some more soccer!

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