Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Street Performer Festival

The day after the boat race we went back into the city again, but this time for a street performer festival. I don't know what a street performer is, so first we went to the aquarium.

Owen building a train of fish
Would a street performer build a train out of fishies?

Owen built a train of Legos
like my train that I built at home?

Owen with shell
I love the touch tank

After a short aquarium visit, we went outside to watch the street performers. 

This guy juggled and spun a plate on his face.

Juggling and spinning plate
Lucky Bob

Then this construction worker came out.

Look over here!
He kept saying "Look over here!"

Juggling on ball
He did lots of things, but mostly it was kind of the same thing, only with a plunger, a cone and a big wrench

Straitjacket upside down
Then it was time for something different. This man made his friends tie him up and hang him upside down like

Aki has a handful of mama's hair
Aki was less than impressed

We had a fun time at the festival, but I thought we were going to see some animals or music or something. Maybe next weekend daddy?

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