Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Volvo Ocean Race

A little while ago we went to one of my favorite museums, but we didn't go inside it. Instead, we went to the waterfront to see something totally different. A big boat race!

It's called the Volvo Ocean Race , and these big boats have been sailing around the world. Boston was the only place they stopped in America.

Boats lined up
Here are the boats lined up at the dock

Because it was sponsored by Volvo, they had all kinds of things to try.

I'm buckled in and ready to roll
Like driving a Volvo station wagon

Kids on little road roller
Or driving a Volvo little compactor

Lego Volvo SUV
We didn't get to test drive this one, but it was really neat. A big big Lego truck!

Later when we were done test driving the Volvos, we went to see some of the race action.

Tall guy leading captains down to the boats
Here's one of the captains going to his boat. At least, he was the biggest guy there, so he must have been in charge.

Aki has a long way to climb
Aki went to the ICA for lunch

Then we went shopping at the Puma store that was made out of shipping containers.

Owen trying on Puma shoes
Here I am trying on some red shoes that are like my Crocs, only much much bigger

Volvo Ocean Race - Restart - Leg 7 to Galway
The race started. And then the boats had to come back because they were just kidding about the start. Then one boat got cut off by a big tanker, but that was too bad for that boat.

Dinner with Karna, Arne, Joy, Carl, and Axel
Finally we had a nice dinner at home with Karna and Arne, Carl, Joy, Axel and a tub of little Legos.

What a fun day at the waterfront, not going to our usual museum! Later I found out that the boats sailed all the way to Ireland in only one week. How amazing is that?

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