Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in Time

Oops! I wrote about last Sunday already but I forgot to write about last Saturday! We did lots of stuff, but since it's out of order, I'll make it quick.

First off was Ellie's birthday party at Kids U, my favorite gym.

Aki having fun at Kids U
Aki being crushed by giant roller

Pirate ship!
Ahh... there's much more space in this pirate ship!

At Ellie's birthday
Pizza was fun. And tasty too!

After the party we had to rush home so that Aki could nap and daddy and I could go to the John and other John concert (or as mommy likes to call them, TMBG, not to be confused with NKOTB). At least that was the plan. When we got home though, I decided that I wanted mommy to be my date. So off we went to the concert...

At TMBG concert
We had great seats!

After TMBG Concert
And I got a balloon!

After TMBG concert
And we went to Starbucks afterwards!

Daddy would definitely not have gotten me a balloon or Starbucks. That's why I chose mommy.

When we got home, it was such a nice day that we decided to have dinner in the park. We had leftover barbecue and ate it under the sky.

I was kind of full from Starbucks though, so I decided to go exploring. There was lots of stuff to see there... Like this staircase down to this green, leaf-covered lawn.

Owen fell in the pond
But it wasn't a lawn at all! It was a trap for little boys to fall into! A very stinky trap.

Oh well, at least I got to see Ellie, John and other John!

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