Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stone Zoo

Ok, we are catching up! Two weekends ago (ha, maybe not catching up so fast), we went to a new zoo, the Stone Zoo. Daddy took me and Aki so that mommy could do some packing. As you might know, we're moving to Hawaii at the end of the month. Or maybe you don't know? Ok, I tell you now. It's no secret. We're moving. Yay! We even got a zoo pass to the Honolulu Zoo from our friends from my old school. That pass is how we got into the Stone Zoo. So here is some of what we saw with daddy.

Snow leopard
Big gray snowy leopard pacing around its cage

Mexican wolves
Big gray Mexican wolves pacing around their cage
Owen and Aki looking for dino bones
All that pacing made me and Aki tired. We had to take a break to dig for some dino bones.

Later, there was a big bird show we wanted to go see.

Fully grown screech owl
On the way we saw this not-so-big owl. Isn't it cute? It's a screech owl.

So on to the show... We saw lots of big birds there.

Macaw landing
This one was Aki's favorite, the macaw.

Barn owl flying
This lady was really good with the birds. This one looked like Owly. Only it can fly. Owly can't fly.

Owen driving the train
The Stone Zoo also has a train ride. I even got to drive the train around the train yard!

Owen the helicopter pilot
Then I got to go on a helicopter ride. This one was not as cool.

Flamingo eggs
After lunch we saw some flamingos. They had eggs!

Owen and Aki on the wagon
We got to ride on the covered wagon.

Jaguar stretching
And see this napping jaguar.

And after that, it was time for our naps too, so we left without seeing everything. Mommy, maybe next time you can take us and Daddy can stay home and pack? Or maybe, daddy should just take us again.

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Emma said...

I love owls! I can't wait to see you guys!