Saturday, June 20, 2009

MoS and Bon Voyage BBQ

Last Sunday we went to the Museum of Science. We have only a short time left here in Boston, so now everything is like a farewell tour. I'm going to miss the Museum of Science.

They have a new exhibit now, called Crittercam. Basically scientists mount cameras to animals and set them free. Then the cameras fall off and the scientists go find them. It was really cool!

Owen setting up crittercam on turtle
Here I am adjusting the critter-cam. For some reason, on the screen, it says, "Aaah!"

Owen setting up crittercam on turtle
Ok, maybe I need to adjust it
from this angle

Later we went to the Discovery Center, Aki's favorite part of the museum.

Owen at Lite brite wall
Playing with the Lite Brite

Owen preparing for geology work
Getting ready to do some digging

Owen looking through magnifiers
Everything is big like this! Daddy says this is a preview of what I will look like in a few years. I don't know what that means. Look like Daddy, maybe?

Aki putting strap around mama's head
Aki helped mommy with this red strap

An impressive wall of blocks
Every time I come, Daddy always tries to build all these blocks into a wall. This time, this girl actually did it!

Aki at her favorite station
Aki's favorite part of her favorite part of the museum

Owen performing experiment
Later I took part in an experiment. I had to tell this lady which puppet a crayon belonged to. Silly lady. It's mine!

Building a hoop glider
Then Aki and I helped daddy build
hoop gliders.

After we left, Aki had a nap and we drove out to Daddy's boss's house for a "Bon Voyage BBQ."

Owen and Aki playing with Logan's toys
Daddy's boss has a kid between me and Aki's age, and that meant, toys and train books!

Aki wants to play ball too
Aki liked this ball. We have one like that, right, Daddy? Come to think of it, I wonder where it went...

Daddy and his fellow fellas

Even though we don't have that much time left, the weekends have been so much fun!

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