Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to Acton

Ok, we've got some more catching up to do here...

At the end of May, we went to Earthfest, which was basically a free snack give away day and musical concert. We were at the Esplanade, and enjoyed all kinds of musics sitting on the grass.

Mama and Aki at Earthfest
Mommy got a chef hat. Aki drank her milk and listened to the music.

The next day we went back to Acton to visit the Discovery Museums. Since the weather's been nice, they put in a new outside area for us to play in.

New play area at Acton Discovery Museums
It's boat themed! I'm making sure to stay safe since I don't really know how to swim yet.

Some other random things we've been up to:

I'm a doggy with yellow ears!
Putting my shirt on halfway and pretending I'm a doggy...

And eating my new favorite cookie in the world: Oreos! They start with O, you know.

Oreo smile
They make my smile beautiful

Aki enjoyed Oreos too
Here is Aki taking a picture of herself eating Oreos

Ok, hope you're having a wonderful summer!

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