Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday in town

Last weekend we went into town to the See New England Festival. It's all about New England travel and businesses, but we went for the music and free foods.

Owen poking penguin in the throat
Here's the penguin from this Santa's Village place. You push its button and it talks to you.

Owen, Daddy, and Wally (not WALL-E)
I got to meet Wally. I thought it was going to be WALL-E.

Owen and green lobstah
Enjoying some of the giveaways: rice chips and green lobstah

Burial Ground Coloring Page!
Another fun giveaway: burial ground coloring map!

Aki liked the giveaways too. Here she is enjoying some Cape Cod potato chips. She usually doesn't get the whole bag, so here she is figuring it out:

Step 1: Open bag
Step 1: Open bag

Step 2: Inspect bag
Step 2: Inspect contents

Step 3: Get chip
Step 3: Ooh. Chips inside. Get some.

Step 4: Drop bag
Step 4: Mission accomplished. Chip in hand. Bag no longer needed.

Aki made a friend during the concert.

Little girl rubbing Aki's cheeks
Actually this girl didn't have too much sense of "personal space." Here she is stroking Aki's cheek.

The little girl and Aki
Then she lifted Aki up and offered her to this giant fox. Aki was ok with it.

After the concert, our ears were ringing so we went to the big Boston Common park to rest. Aki napped and I went into the playground.

Arr! I'm a scuba diver!
Me and my favorite statue in the playground

That's better
Ok, that's better

Riding the carousel in Boston Common
They have a merry-go-round too! I wanted to ride the chicken but I was too late.

Boston Public Garden
After a stroll through the Public Garden, it was time to go home.

Being outside on Boston summer weekends are so much more fun than in the winter!

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