Sunday, December 09, 2007

Aloha from Hawaii

We got to Gong Gong and Grandma's house late Friday night. And already, we've been eating up! Since I got up at 2am (7am Boston time, my usual wake-up time), I needed a 2nd breakfast to keep me fueled up. Luckily, Grandma went out and got these for me on her way home from the gym.

Breakfast time!
Beard Papa's!

Coloring with Grandma
After breakfast, I exhausted everyone with my energy. Grandma finally got me to settle down by doing some coloring.

For lunch we went to Chinatown and met up with Daddy's friends for dim sum.

Waiting for dim sum in Chinatown
Waiting for dim sum by chasing the pigeons around.

Lunch with Daddy's friends
With Daddy's friends after lunch

I was too pooped out to eat dinner, but I did manage to have enough energy for a musical performance with Gong Gong (playing his clarinet) and Daddy (on the piano).

Accompanying Gong Gong on my recorder
I didn't do so bad accompanying them with my recorder.

Today is the Honolulu Marathon. No, Daddy's not running it although he's done it several times when he was much younger. I wanted to go watch the runners go by our neighborhood, but Mommy says it's raining too hard.

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