Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happiest Places on Earth

Ok, last old vacation post, I promise...

Sunday was my Aunty Ying and Ryan's wedding. Like my preschool visits, this was the perfect opportunity for a nap.

Nene time during the ceremony
Getting ready for the party

No luck though... Mommy got me up so I could watch. It looked like fun, but daddy said I can't do this for another thirty years or so.

Picture perfect
After the wedding

Then it was time to party!

Ah Mah let me have chocolates!
Ah Mah let me have chocolate, and the party was on!

The happy couple and our family
My family with Aunty Ying and Uncle Ryan

The next day we went to Disneyland. My usual morning nap left me groggy for the beginning, but I did enjoy the train ride over to Tomorrowland.

Disneyland train
Choo choo!

There were a lot of people there waiting in line for something. Too bad we had to get in line too.

Long line for Finding Nemo ride
Waiting for something

At the end of the line, it turned out we were waiting to go on a NemoDory ride!

Finally... our submarine
Yellow submarine that took us to see Nemo

The ride was a lot of fun. Too bad we couldn't go on it again because the line was so long. But we did get to go on other fun rides.

The next one we went on was a boat ride through a Small World. Mommy and daddy said it was special because it was a Christmas version.

Merry Christmas
Mele Kalikimaka!

Then it was on to meet Mickey Mouse! I love Mickey Mouse!

Meeting Mickey
But big Mickey is scary

After that was riding in giant teacups. That was super fun. I got to turn the wheel, and the faster it went, the bigger mommy and me smiled! Unfortunately, the faster we went, the greener and sadder daddy looked, so we had to tone it down for him.

Spin, spin, spin!
Me and mommy spinning the wheel

Later we went on a train ride. It's called Circus Train or something like that. But I heard the train say "I think I can" when it went up the hill and "I thought I could" when it went down. It was just like Train Could! This one, we had to ride again, no matter how long the line was. I wanted to cut in front of all the people too, but we had to wait our turn. Good thing it wasn't so popular.

On the Circus Train, riding the caboose
On my favorite train car, the caboose

Disney was a lot of fun!

After Disney, it was time for dinner at Bebe's Cafe. Everyone was there, including the Thai cousins who came to visit for Aunty Ying's wedding. I got to play badminton afterwards.

Hit the birdie!
Birdie birdie, hit the birdie

I had so much fun in California and Hawaii. Hopefully I will be back again soon!

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