Thursday, December 20, 2007

Zoo, Cookie Kaboose and the Beach!

This time back we finally went to the zoo that daddy's been talking about. He didn't recognize it since he hasn't been in a long time, but I thought it was pretty cool. I saw chimps hugging, giant giraffes, and big elephants up close.

Chimp up at the glass

How I see chimp

The best part was the Keiki (Kids) Zoo.

Fish tank at the Keiki Zoo
"Swimming" in the fish tank at the Keiki Zoo

Clean up time
Clean up time!

Riding a hippo
Because I helped sweep up, I got to ride on a hippo too

After the zoo, we went to hang out with Aubrey and her parents Lydell and Cheryl. She's 16 months old now!

Aubrey and me
Because her magnets don't stick to the fridge, this is where she puts them

The next day we went to lunch with Uncle Lester and Aunty Daryl. Before lunch though, I got to ride on the Cookie Kaboose!

I rode on the Cookie Kaboose
Big fake smile. This was the only smile the whole time.

Really, I wasn't sure what to make of this giant train and the crazy dancing/singing elves walking next to me.

Candy Cane Train
After the Candy Cane Train

Where's Owen's nose?
Showing Uncle Lester where my nose is

We met up with daddy's friends again the next day in mommy's quest for good Thai food in Hawaii. Here we are at Chiang Mai. Pretty good, very spicy, but still could be better...

Dinner at Chiang Mai
Dinner at Chiang Mai

And what trip to Hawaii would be complete without:

Beach time fun
Showing off daddy's "abs" at the beach?

The last night, Kung Kung and Grandma had a party for us. Lots of people came and I entertained them with one of my early Christmas presents, my "gi-TAH."

Reading book at party
Clutching my new prize possession

Hawaii was a lot of fun, and we even got to go to see a bunch of preschools. I caught on quickly though, and I fell asleep for the last few.

Next time, sunny Cali and more party time!

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