Friday, December 28, 2007

Foreign People in Foreign Lands

Ok, we're here in beautiful Montreal, which marks the first time I've been outside of the country. It is really another country here, with different people, different talking, and different signs. The one thing that's the same, it's still snowing!

We left early yesterday morning, and drove all day to get here. Lucky mommy let me watch my Robot ABC DVD in the car. Have I mentioned this is the best movie of all time? I will have to tell you more about it later then, since we've done a lot in the last two days and I've got lots to cover.

Ok, back to yesterday morning: when we were about halfway there, we stopped at a big ice cream factory. It is run by two guys, who weren't there that day. Luckily, their friends were and they were serving ice cream!

Ben and Jerry's floor
The guys' floor

Sampling the wares
Mommy sampling the wares

Then it was a couple more hours in the car, across the border, using my passport that I didn't get to use back in April when we missed our cruise. When we got to Montreal, we went to do what mommy and daddy seem to spend a lot of time doing, that is, eating. I know when I sit and do nothing all day, I don't have much of an appetite. This does not seem to bother them.

Daddy got a taste of what it is like when you can't read, or you think you can read but you really can't. When the pig feet with sauerkraut came out, boy, was he surprised. They were pretty good, though!

Making a picture
Drawing pictures at Les 3 Brasseurs. I am concentrating hard because of the loud French rock music in the background.

Hmm, my work could use some work
Hmm, my work could use a little work. Or less French rock.

After dinner we went for a little stroll. In the snow. Mommy and daddy said we had to because Montreal is much more "Christmas-y" than Boston.

Big Christmas tree
Giant Christmas "tree"

Rue University lights
Lights on Rue University

Secret Bench
It was so cold, these guys froze! Ok, they're statues called "Secret Bench."

Rue University in the snow
I stayed warm inside my bubble. Warm, but mad that I had to stay inside my bubble. I like snow!

The next day we went out to visit the Science Centre of Montreal. That is, Le NOUVEAU Centre des sciences de Montreal.. It just opened last month with all new stuff!

Here we are at the entrance.

Time to go in, right? Unfortunately they posted a sign on their door saying they were opening 1 hour later than usual because it's winter break. So we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

It's cold in Montreal
The pier next to the Science Centre. Frozen solid.

It snows here too
Did I mention it snowed?

While we were walking we came across this giant church. It's called La basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal.

Notre Dame Montreal
Look at the tiny people walking up the ramp!

We went inside but didn't stay too long, as I didn't like the looks of this place. I said, "Scary" and "Go outside," which was pretty clear to mommy and daddy.

Inside of Notre Dame
Inside the Notre Dame

Incidentally, the Notre Dame was just about the most stroller handicapped accessible place we've been to since we got to Montreal. I had a bumpy ride down the stairs to the Metro, and mommy and daddy had a hard time carrying the stroller up the stairs out of there. But even though there are lots of steps to the Notre Dame, they didn't have to get me out of the stroller once!

Across from Notre Dame
Across the street from the Notre Dame

Since we had spent enough time walking around in the cold, we went back and the Science Centre had opened.

Inside of Science Centre
French Canadian person being squeezed by A and Z in the main hallway

The exhibits were lots of fun. I got to play with lots of sound equipment.

More listening about salt
Learning about salt.

Listening to salt
Learning about salt from a giant salt shaker.

Later we got to produce our own video. My one is about cars. Eventually, they're supposed to email us the video, so when I get it, I will share it with you.

Making a video
Making beat box noise for soundtrack

There actually wasn't that much for me to do there, so I had to invent stuff to do.

My favorite thing to do at iSci: playing with the blinds
Playing with the fun blinds drawcords

Kinetic sculpture at Science Centre
Ok, this was fun to look at. Everything in this exhibit moves frantically when you push the button. I liked to "push the button!"

After a dim sum lunch in Chinatown, it was off to nap time for me. The parents went to the contemporary art museum while I snoozed.

Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal
Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal buried in snow

Their favorite artist there was a guy named Vik Muniz. He's a Brazilian sculptor and photographer, whose "thing" is doing old works of art in grains of sugar or dirt, food, or toys. What I saw when I woke up was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of his stuff, so just search for him on the Internet, and you'll see lots of neat stuff.

Back on the Metro to go home, I snapped a shot of one of the quiet trains.

These trains have tires!
They're quiet because they have rubber tires!

Ok, that's it for tonight. Hopefully I will be able to post more before I get back to Boston. Montreal is shaping up to be a fun town!

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