Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Week

We've been back over a week already, and I've been busy with the holiday season. Here's some of the stuff I've been up to:

Last Friday we went to "dinner" at Emerson's house. Neither she or I wanted to eat very much--we'd much rather run!

"Owee run!"

Then Emerson pushed me in her doll stroller

This isn't so different than the Phil & Ted
This is not so new for me. I get pushed in stroller all the time.

My turn to push
Now this is new!

Dessert was yummy popsicles. My lips were red afterwards, and they were red the next morning too!

Sunday we went to the Museum of Science downtown.

Chicks at Museum
Here I am, checking out the chicks

Then we went to go see some babes.

What's going on here?
I'm not sure why mom and dad brought me here, but I liked to "push the button"

Finally it was time for playing.

Studying cognitive neuroscience
I played with the toys a bit, but I'd much rather see the PowerPoint!

I also liked looking at rocks under the microscope.

"Looking" into the microscope
Of course, my eyes are closed and the microscope is pointed at my eyebrows, but I can see anyway!

On Christmas Eve, we went to town to see the sights. Boston isn't as Christmas-y as Honolulu or even Orange County, but it was still fun anyway.

Boston Common Christmas tree
The Christmas Tree on Boston Common

Are we up for ice skating?
We watched the skaters on the Frog Pond

Mommy had to do some shopping so I took daddy to the bookstore to look at some books.

Firetruck in Downtown Crossing
On the way we saw some fire trucks!

Then it was Christmas Day! I slept in because I didn't know what a fun day we were going to have!

First it was pancakes with smiley faces, like in "George Pancake"!

Smiley blueberry pancakes
I liked the ones without the smiley faces

Then it was present opening time. I got to open lots of boxes!

New Brio train set
These presents are wrapped funny

Among the awesome gifts I got was this train set from Uncle JT.

Uncle JT's present combined with my IKEA set
Actually, he only got me the train cars on the bottom and enough track to make the loop on the top. I love it anyway! The rest is from IKEA.

Christmas smile
Merry Christmas!

I might be out of touch for a few more days because mommy says we're going to "Canada" for a little while. Maybe I can update from there, but if not, have a great week!

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