Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day in Montreal; Last Day in 2007

Our last day in Montreal started out with beautiful blue skies, something we haven't seen in a while. It's either snowed or looked like snow the whole time we've been here. We decided to take advantage of the good weather by going up Mont Royal to see the view.

Waiting for the train at Metro Peel
Waiting for the train at the Metro station

I loved riding the trains in Montreal. For one thing, they're blue, like Thomas Train Could. And they're also super fast. They would have been perfect if they only had elevators so that mommy and daddy didn't have to carry me up and down two stories of stairs every time.

After taking the train, we took the bus! Of course, bus is not as exciting as train, so I fell asleep. I slept the whole time we were on the mountain. Here is some of what I missed.

A fat squirrel
Big fat squirrel begging for food

One horse open sleigh
A real one horse open sleigh!

Cross country skier
A man with sticks on his legs

Skyline with slope of Mont Royal
Blue skies

Mommy and daddy at Chalet Mont Royal
And mommy and daddy at Chalet Mont Royal

On the way back down, we caught the bus again and then walked like 20 blocks to get some tasty smoked meat sandwiches. Of course, we could have taken the train to another bus, but that would be too much public transportation on such a nice day.

After getting the sandwiches we took the train to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. While walking to the train, we saw some really cool buildings at a place called UQAM. Daddy only got one picture, but there are lots of others here.

UQAM building
Some kind of green building

At the museum I got to play with coloring and we made some shadow puppets. I also saw a Mootisse and a Pigasso, like in my book.

Shadow Puppets projected
Mommy's on the left, daddy's one is on the right

Shadow Puppets
Shadow puppets making tiny shadows

I also liked the exhibit of Christmas trees. They had lots of neat ornaments on them.

Origami ornament
From the Origami society

Polish School Ornament
Polish School ornament

Christmas Trees at Musee de Beaux Arts
A tiny part of the Christmas trees room

Montreal was fun, but today it was time to get back to Boston. We schlepped through the driving snow to get back to celebrate the New Year.

I had lots of fun in 2007. I hope 2008 brings lots more fun for me and for you! Happy New Year! Sawadee pee mai! Hau'oli makahiki hou! See you next year!

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