Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alive in the Snow

Yesterday we went to visit the Olympic area, which has some places with incredible living things, despite all the snow on the ground here in Montreal.

First stop was the Biodome. This is a big stadium that now has a tropical rainforest, a Canadian forest and river, and an Antarctic exhibit.

Biodome Montreal with Olympic Tower
The Biodome is the big building in the front.

First stop was the tropical rainforest. Everything was warm and humid in there, just like in Hawaii!

Bird following me around
This birdie followed me around

Then it was on to the Canadian forests and rivers.

Porcupines sleeping
Porcupines sleeping in the trees

Looking at starfish and anemone
Looking at anemones and sea stars

Exploring the river in my canoe was one of the best parts of the forest

I am a giant
Of course, so was playing with this little canoe

Innu Hat
I got to wear an Innu hat

Innu Boots
... and boots

Later we went to the Discovery Centre in the basement of the Biodome. I thought it was going to be like the one in the Boston science museum. It was not as fun, but I did get to carry around a big sea turtle and spell words out using blocks.

Ono Scorpion fish
"Ono" scorpion fish

Then it was lunch and on to the insect zoo. Unfortunately, lunch lately means nap right away, so mommy and daddy went for a walk while I slept inside the bubble.

I figured they were going to walk to the insect zoo. It's inside Montreal Botanical Garden, which is a huge area. Of course, there wasn't much to see outside except snow.

Mini train cars in snow
And mini-trains, which sadly, were also stuck in the snow

Inside the botanical gardens' greenhouse were lots of flowers. While I napped, daddy took some pictures of them. Here are some of my favorites.

Purple Orchids
Purple flowers that mommy likes

Bumpy bromeliad leaf
Bumpy leaf

Bonsai Elm
My size mini-tree

When I woke up, I was surprised that we weren't at the insect zoo. I couldn't believe they didn't go straight there and sit and wait for me to wake up! But I was still sleepy so it didn't matter

Big yawn
Big yawn

And then there was the music. We saw a Christmas concert by this group called Trio No Parking.

Trio No Parking
Guess which one is my favorite?

Then, it was on to the Insectarium. There were lots of cool bugs and stories about bugs.

Wagering on Stag Beetles
Rhinoceros beetles wrestling

Thai money
Thai money. Apparently Thai people gamble on beetle wrestling.

Looking at bugs
Looking at spiders

Peeping at sleeping ladybugs
Walking around, I found a little peep hole at my level!

Ladybugs resting
It was filled with little ladybugs sleeping. I know, because I watched them for 10 minutes, and they didn't move.

Aside from the ladybugs, the coolest thing at the zoo was the ant colony. The ants are taking little bits of flower petals across these branches to feed their workers who make fungi by pooping on it.

Ants carrying bits of flower petals
It's pretty though

By then it was getting late, so we left. Of course, it was only like 5 pm, but by the time we got back to the city, it was like 5:30 pm, which is apparently closing time for the underground malls and their restaurants. 5:30. On Saturday night. I know I go to bed early, but what about all the older kids? This really is a foreign country.

Ok, one more full day in Montreal to go, and then it's back to Boston for the New Year!

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