Thursday, December 20, 2007

JT's Train, Hiking, and See Dai Doo

Okay, time to go back and recap our trip...

On Sunday, in Hawaii, I woke up even earlier. 2:00 is a beautiful time of day. Anyway, after about 5 hours I was ready for a nap, and I was still sleeping when Uncle JT and Aunty Lynne came over. Uncle JT brought his train set from when he was little. That helped me wake up.

Choo choo!

Uncle Jeff showed me how his train works
I claim the engine. You can have the boxcar.

Later we went for a walk up an old volcano called Makapuu. Because it has been raining so much in Hawaii, it was really green.

Beautiful Oahu
The normally brown Koko Crater

Group shot at the top of the hike
Here we are at the top. Uncle JT is showing off my abs.

Hiking with Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lynne
I got to walk run most of the way down.

That night we went to a Christmas party at the See Dai Doo Society. That's a Chinese social club that Daddy's family belongs to.

Nene time at the Christmas party
If you wake up at 2 am, it's hard to stay up past 4 pm.

Santa gave me a present
They woke me up to see this suspicious guy in the red suit. He gave me a baby rattle, which I did enjoy.

Hawaii is so much fun! Next time, zoo, more friends, and fun in the sun!

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