Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Birthday Party!

Ok, we're taking a break from the New York trip recap to bring you my birthday, since it is today!

Like I said, on Sunday we went to the aquarium for my birthday party. I was so excited!

My birthday crown
First we made a birthday crown while everyone was coming. The E fell off. Later the upside down M fell off too.

I like this smock!
Then we had to put on smocks so that we could...

Drawing on my shirt
Paint t-shirts!

Story time
After t-shirt painting was story time.

The story was about how turtles hatch from eggs and go to the sea then come back to the beach to lay their eggs. So naturally we had to act like little turtles hatching.

This turtle costume is way better than the cardboard box at home!
Here's my costume. This is much better than the cardboard box I wear for a turtle shell at home!

Hatching on the beach
Hatching from the beach

Hide under the seaweed!
Now all the turtles have to swim to the seaweed... Why?

Baby turtles have to hide under the seaweed
So that we can hide from the shark!

A shark is coming for Ellie and Axel
Some turtles preferred to swim outside of the seaweed. This is who they saw.

Swim to the sea!
After we'd grown big enough we got to swim in the open ocean

Turtles had to swim in the sea
The scientists put radio tags on our shells

We had to crawl through this net
Then we learned about Turtle Excluder Devices!

Ok, so maybe we didn't actually "learn" about Turtle Excluder Devices. But we did swim through that big net!

Later it was pizza time.

Aunty Saritha helped me with lunch
Aunty Sarita helped me cut up my pizza

Blowing out my candle
And then the cake!

The turtles were happy to be off the cake
My turtles from home were on the cake. Don't worry turtles, we weren't going to eat you!

Handing out party favors
Handing out favors

After the party (and after a long nap) I got to open a couple of presents:

Opening Ezra's present
Ezra's nicely decorated present

I enjoyed my ice cream cake at dinner
I had cake after for dinner

I had a fun day!
What a fun day!

I love birthdays!


Jen said...

happy birthday owen!! i can't believe how big you've gotten, seems like just yesterday i was meeting you at the hospital for the first time!

thida said...

Happy Birthday Owen! I like how you party. You'll have to teach your Aunty Thida how to party like that.