Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Weekend at the Museum of Science

Another week gone, and we're already falling behind on our posts!

Last weekend we went to the Museum of Science again. It was the second time in two weeks. The week before was not so good. I went with daddy on the train and mommy ran errands with Aki in the car. When she came later, the garage was full, and the guards told mommy to park far away. They wouldn't even let her drop Aki off!

Daddy decided we had to leave before it was time because mommy wasn't going to be able to get Aki to the museum on the snow covered sidewalks. I was upset about leaving, so that's why we got to come back again the next week, that is, last week. But don't feel too bad for me. I got to go to the big going out of business sale at KB Toys where mommy ended up parking, and I got some sweet Matchbox cars for half off (whatever that means)!

Ok, back to last weekend... We went to some parts of the museum that I had never been before.

Making my computer fish
Making a computer fish that gets released into the fish tank in front of me

Beads on magnets
Making a "drawing" with colored metal bead-ropes. Mine is the one in the front: a dozer. Mommy's is in the back. I think it's some kind of bunny.

Aki's favorite toy from the science museum
Aki got to play in the "crawlers" room

"Abstract Building"
I call this "Abstract Building." Really.

What can we do with these?
What can I do with these?

Binoculars! Daddy says I look like WALL-E, whoever that is...

Yay for the Museum of Science two weeks in a row!

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