Monday, January 05, 2009

New York Adventure, Part 2

I took yesterday off from blogging because I had my birthday party. I'm not quite 3, but daddy said I have to keep working on the New York trip before I can talk about my party. Maybe tomorrow, on my real birthday, I can tell you about the party. It was really really really fun.

Ok, so back to New York. Here is where we stayed, the Riverside Tower Hotel. It was in a really good location, says mommy and daddy, and the rooms were just the right size for me and Aki. Mommy and daddy, not so much.

Our Suite
The master bedroom... Aki is busy eating a Mardi Gras bead necklace.

Our Suite
Me still sleeping in the living room/sitting room/me and Aki's bedroom

Well, it was where we slept and it was warm inside, so I don't need too much more...

New York is fun to walk around. There was lots to see on the streets.

Westside Market fruits
Like fruits!

Gotta go
And yellow taxis!

After a little walk around, we went to the New York Botanical Gardens for a train show (the first one of the day).

Welcome to the Train Show
Entering the building you see the Statue of Liberty and some other building, built out of twigs and leaves and stuff. Daddy couldn't take a picture that showed how cool it was.

But where were the trains? They were inside...

George Washington Bridge
...running over the giant twig George Washington Bridge

Passing the swedish house
And past some little houses

The Conservatory
The building we were inside, built out of sticks and leaves

Can I come out now?
This is Aki realizing that she is spending all day strapped down in the carrier or in the stroller

Later we went outside to the Children's Garden.

Can I eat this?
Would you like some gingerbread from my giant house?

Peering through the microscope at cones and seeds
I am inspecting some twigs to see if they will be good materials for building a model of the Hancock Building back home

Eating foam animals
Aki got out for a little to chew on some foam toys

Then it was back in the stroller and on the train to the next train show, at the NY Transit Museum.

NY Transit Museum display

In the NY Transit Museum
Train passing through a station

Outside this train show was a real train station, called Grand Central Station.

In the bustle of Grand Central Station
Mommy and us watching the light show

After Grand Central we walked out to another train show. Daddy didn't get to go in because they wouldn't let him bring Aki, who was napping in the stroller. So... no pictures, but you can check out their website.

After train show #3 we went to a toy store. There must have been some big sale because the line to get in was a block long! Luckily daddy waited in line while we hung out by the door.

Ominous Muppets
Muppets greeting us in line for the elevator

Upstairs... Smurfs! What are smurfs?

Aki playing playmobil
Aki was freed for a few minutes to play with some toys

Lego Harry Potter, Hagrid, and Ron Weasley
There was a giant LEGO statue of a giant with his friends, a girl, a black haired boy, and a red haired boy. Daddy said he was only half a giant, but he looked pretty big to me.

We saw train show #4 in the store. When we were in the book section (the only part of the store that wasn't crowded), the lady said they had sold out of LEGOs. No more LEGOs? In the whole store? We couldn't believe it!

The last LEGO for sale in FAO, only slightly damaged
It was almost true. This was the only LEGO set left in the store. Only slightly damaged!

Later we ate Cuban food at a Chinese restaurant near the hotel. Me and Aki loved the rice and beans, and mommy and daddy were very happy too...

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Steven Tsuchida said...

Happy Birthday Owen!!! We can't believe you're already 3 years old. Looks like you're having so much fun in New York. We hope to see you guys soon!

Love, Mia, Jeanie and Steven