Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New York Adventure, Part 3

Ok, back to New York, day 3... Today we went to see more exciting things.

Aki in her nest, moving down the sidewalk
Aki in her nest. It's going to be another day of being strapped down, Aki...

Are you happy or are you sad?
New York public art

In New York there are many big buildings.

Little building sandwich
And at least one very small one!

After breakfast we went to the park. This was a big big park. A big big big park! But it had a playground so it was all good. Something happened there, and I can't remember what it was. All I know is that it happened 3 times in a row and daddy had to run back to the hotel to get more pull-ups and wipes. Good thing it was only 7 blocks each way!

In the Diana Ross Playground
Me and mommy in the Diana Ross Playground.

After daddy came back and cooled off (it was 60 degrees that day!), we went to the dino museum.

First stop was weigh in.

Mommy is very heavy on a neutron star
Mommy weighs over 2 trillion pounds on a neutron star.

Will you get me out of the stroller?
Aki is happy because she got to move the front seat

T. rex
They had big big dino bones there

What's there for me to do? Play with my foot!
Aki is still in the front seat. She found something to play with.

Baby stegosaurus
We saw a baby stegosaurus, daddy's favorite dino, even though we found out that it actually doesn't have 2 brains!

Touching a stegosaur fossil
Touching a real stegosaurus fossil

Later we discovered the Discovery Room. Aki came out of the stroller.

Aki relieved again to be out of the stroller
Playing with the endagered animals puzzles. Bang bang Mr. Buffalo!

We got to play dress up.

Owen the safari explorer
I got my safari hat. It's a little big, don't you think?

Mommy the Met
Mommy got the baseball hat. It's a little small, even on her head.

Aki looking at the lion doll
Aki got to play feed the lion puppet

Aki with her favorite toys
And she found her favorite toys of the whole trip: the lacquer bowls and plastic soup spoon set!

We loved the dino museum but after lunch it was time to go to another museum, a boring one for us. We got all loaded in and fell asleep for nap. Here are some of the things mommy and daddy saw while we were sleeping:

Tiffany decorated gun
Pistol decorated by Tiffany, whoever that is. What's a pistol, daddy?

Shigeyuki Kihara: Gossip Sessions (2002)
Colorfully covered photo of Samoan ladies by a Samoan-Japanese lady called Shigeyuki Kihara

Dale Chihuly: Pink Venetian with Clear and Gold Prunts (1989)
This one was by Dale Chihuly. It's called Pink Venetian with Clear and Gold Prunts (1989).

It looks more like:


Chuck Close and Andy Warhol in the Mezzanine
We missed these portraits

Then again, Aki woke up before me so maybe she saw them.

Aki is happy to be out of the stroller
Aki enjoying the modern art...

For dinner we went out to eat with one of mommy's friends from high school. We had a giant popover and I liked playing with her boyfriend. He drinks Pediasure too! Yay New Yorkers!

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