Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New York Adventure, Part 5

Ok, so there's not much in this last part of our trip. We didn't have too much time to play before we had to get on the train back to Boston. We went to see if we could see a big big Christmas tree but we got sidetracked in another toy store first, the biggest Toys R Us ever! They had a ferris wheel inside, but I didn't want to go on it.

Instead, while mommy shopped for Christmas ornaments, I went to...

Owen gaming
Play my first handheld video games! Nintendo DS, in case you were wondering. I am using the stylus to play Super Mario Brothers.

Then we walked around looking at the toys.

Big train table at Toys R Us
I didn't see this! Why did no one show me this?

They had awesome LEGO sculptures and lots of LEGOs to buy, unlike the other toy store we went to. But the thing I'd never seen before was: big Megablox sculptures!

Megablox big apple
Actually, there was only this one, the big cherry, or something.

Bye New York! We had a great time! We'll be back soon!

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Uncle Jeff said...

Owen, now that your mommy and daddy are letting you play video games, I can show you all the cool games I have at home. Actually, Uncle Dan has way more than I do. Maybe he will let you play his guitar.