Saturday, January 03, 2009

New York Adventure, Part 1

Last week we went to a big big city for a visit. We didn't even get to play with our new toys for a whole day, but as I told daddy later, "I'm glad we came."

Boarding the Northeast Regional in Westwood Station
Waiting for the big train

Ooh... fast
Oooh... fast. I am clutching my ticket to make sure I don't get kicked off.

Getting off the train
Getting off the train in the pen station in the big big city

We got to our hotel but the room wasn't ready yet so we hit the town. We walked a few blocks and came to the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

Aki and Owen learning about word roots
Me teaching Aki about word roots

Aki driving the bus
Aki is happy to be driving the bus. Next stop, puppet show!

Owen wiping his hands
After the puppet show, I used the potty. Here I am getting paper towels to wipe my very wet hands.

Aki loves the slide
Aki left the puppet show early but she loved the slide

More blocks?
I played in this little block pit. Is this enough?

Maybe that's too  much
Maybe that's too much!

Steering the truck
Later I got to dress up like a fireman from my Big Frank Firetruck book

For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant named after one of mommy's friends. Noodles are always yummy. We didn't do too much on the first day, but there's lots more for day 2!

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