Saturday, January 10, 2009

New York Adventure, Part 4

So after yesterday's not-so-much-fun-for-us-kids day, we set out to have more fun on our fourth day in New York.

Delacorte Clock
First stop, the clock from Madagascar!

This was right outside the zoo in the big big park from yesterday. Inside the zoo we went to the rainforest where it was very warm and very moist.

It was steamy in the rainforest
The rainforest house

My favorite part was seeing Stellaluna, or the fruit bats. Aki's favorite part was coming out of the stroller.

Later we went to the children's zoo, which is right outside the real zoo.

Highlight of Owen's day: the eggs
Me and Aki hatching in turtle eggs. This was my other favorite thing of the day.

Playing on the turtles
Oh, and this was pretty favorite too!

Owen as a bunny
Me in a bunny statue. Too bad we didn't take a picture of Aki in her bunny hat in this bunny statue!

After the zoo and yummy Japanese food we went to the Museum of Modern Art. That is, mommy and daddy went while we slept.

They said they went to see the exhibit that was put together by this guy. Apparently we saw his stuff last year when we went to Montreal.

Artist's Choice + Vik Muniz = Rebus
Entrance to the exhibit

The "Artist's Choice" means that Mr. Vik chose things from the museum's collections and put them together into a show. There wasn't any of his stuff, but there were still plenty of neat things.

Tom Friedman: Untitled (1995)
Like this fly, for example, also known as Untitled (1995) by Tom Friedman

Security guard watching over the fly
This security guard's job was to make sure no one touched the fly. He was hiding around the corner so that he could jump out and yell at people. He wasn't as cool as the other guard who was walking around and singing to himself.

The trick of the show was that each piece led to another. For example, the funny colorful toy below was followed by that statue of a lady with her hands out, like she was playing with it. Then the hands statue led to something else.

Some of the pieces in the Vik Muniz curated show
Reflection playing with toys

What is that one?
Mommy reading about the pieces

Interloop Architecture: E-X-I-T (2004)
Last piece in the show (really)... Interloop Architecture: E-X-I-T (2004)

I'm out of the stroller!
Aki got to come out after the show

We both went down to play in this cool light projection show, called Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters).

Pour Your Body Out
Checking out the big apples on the screen. Does that mean something?

Pour Your Body Out
Aki was more interested in these two other visitors. At least I think they were visitors. Maybe they were part of the art?

Phoebe at Uncle Nick's
At Uncle Nick's restaurant for dinner. We didn't actually see our Ah Gu, but maybe he was hiding.

We had lots of fun at the zoo, and some fun in the museum. It was our last full day in the city. Thanks for reading this far. I sure would've given up by now.

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