Saturday, May 16, 2009

Travel Town and LA Zoo

On Tuesday we drove up to LA to Travel Town. It was much quieter than Disneyland, but I liked it just as much. Here's why:

Miniature train
The museum was full of trains!

Checking out the engine
And you could climb in them!

Running through an old snack car
And run through them!

Daddy in an old engine
Daddy got in on the fun too. Here he's adjusting the steam pressure.

Mama and Aki on the train
And they had a little train you could ride on. Here's mommy and Aki on the train.

The best part, said daddy, was that it was free! Whatever that means... The best part was clearly the train engines.

After lunch we went to the zoo which was right around the corner. We went to the kids' zoo first, but apparently the zookeepers there close down the kids' zoo when they want to have lunch, so they kicked us out.

Prairie dog
But not before we could see prairie dogs!

Because it was so hot and I was getting sleepy, we just hit the highlights.

Mama gorilla and baby
Mama gorilla and baby. No Ergo!

Long necked deer. Did I mention I love deer?

Chimps having their snack and people watching
Chimps having snack time. They were totally signing to the keepers for snack.

Two days, three kids' parks... I think I love LA!

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