Wednesday, May 27, 2009

California Adventure

On Friday, Aunty May came with us to California Adventure, right next to Disneyland.

Group picture under the Golden Gate Bridge
Here we are under the big not-too-golden bridge. Aki is in the copilot seat behind me.

Owen and Handy Manny
I got to meet Handy Manny. I liked his green shirt.

Toy Story Zoetrope
We got to see this Toy Story zoetrope thing. It's a set of statues mounted on a carousel. When it spins, these flashing lights go on and off and make the statues look like they're actually moving! It was so cool, but of course, daddy only takes pictures.

Picture with Mickey Mouse
We met Mickey again. He had changed his clothes since we last saw him. I guess he has to take baths every day just like us.

Later, after lunch we went on some rides.

Mommy and Owen
Mama and me on the bumper cars. I was a good driver.

Then we went to sleep. Mama went on this thing. Daddy stayed down to watch us. Too bad Aunty May left, otherwise maybe Daddy would have gone on it too! Yeah, probably not.

Group picture with Lightning McQueen and Mater
After our sleep, a whole bunch of other people came to meet up with us, including Ah Mah!

Band playing
While everyone went down to play, daddy and I watched this band. They're singing "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Really.

Owen joined the band
I got to accompany them on washboard.

Dinner was at Ariel's Grotto, where you get to meet all of these people who are princesses. 

Hanging out with Belle.

Aki loved her spaghetti
Aki liked her spaghetti.

Ah Mah and Ariel's birthday
It was actually Ah Mah's birthday, according to the Thai government records. My cousin Ariel's birthday was that weekend too. So they got special desserts. 

Happy Birthday Ah Mah and Ariel!

California Adventure was fun but I liked Disneyland better. If there was only some way to transport Handy Manny to Disneyland, that would be perfect.

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