Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the Rest of Our Trip

Ok, so now it's kind of silly to be writing about stuff that happened in California, since we've been back in Boston for over 2 weeks now. So let me just finish up the rest of our trip in the next few days before we move on to current events.

On Thursday it was the wedding rehearsal day so mommy left us with daddy and went to play with her friends.

It was just fine though, because daddy lets us do stuff that mommy probably wouldn't.

Owen pouring the bucket
Like take off all our clothes and play in the water area at the Kidspace children's museum in Pasadena. I was wearing my pullup and Crocs. Later a man came and told us to put our clothes on. While I was changing, I made the entire bathroom floor a water play area with water from the sink.

Aki and helmet
Mama probably wouldn't let Aki ride on a tricycle all by herself. She
is wearing a helmet though.

Owen going for a ride
I can pedal a tricycle. I can also steer a tricycle. I can't do both at the same time. Don't worry, I'll get this down by the time I get a cell phone.

Two points!
Later we came inside because it was so hot. I practiced my jump shot.

Owen and Aki being lions
Aki and I pretended to be lions and pretend-scared this other boy. At least, I think he was pretend-scared...

After the fun, we went to the wedding rehearsal. Daddy got us there and changed us in the bathroom to our nice clothes. Again, it's like 95 degrees out here, so nice wasn't necessarily good.

What are you asking for?
Aki met a panhandler on the terrace

Altadena Town & Country Club
Here's the wedding rehearsal. I am rehearsing at the bottom of the grassy hill, out of the picture.

Owen keeping busy before dinner
The rehearsal dinner was back at the hotel where mommy and daddy's friends and family stayed for their wedding. Here I am drawing caricatures of the people. They all look like trains.

Aki enjoying her present
Aki and I got presents. Aki's one was a manual on how to be a good flower girl. She was really into it.

And that was it! We changed clothes back in Aunty Melissa's room and fell asleep on the drive back to Ah Mah's house. That was a fun day. Thanks Daddy!

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