Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wedding

And now, the moment we came to LA for, Aunty Kathy and Uncle Billy's wedding!

Owen showing off the ring nest
I was the ring "bear". Here is my ring nest that Aunty Kathy made. I am relaxing in the green room.

Ah Mah and Owen
I had to get ready quick though so that I could help Ah Mah down the stairs.

Admiring the bouquet
Aunty Kathy showed me and Aki her bouquet. Aki was more interested in Kathy's hair though. Aki was the flower girl.

Five years!
Mommy and daddy have been married 5 years now

Owen, Nan, and Aki
Here we are, taking care of business.

Exchanging vows
This was our view at the ceremony

Bird kissing mommy
Oops the bird fell off. Well, now it can kiss mama!

Thanks Auntie Kathy and Uncle Billy for my Playmobil pirates
At the reception, all I remember was Playmobil pirates!

Other stuff happened too, and lots of stuff happened after Ah Mah and Ah Gong took us home to sleep. Lots more wedding pictures here.

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