Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hanging out with friends and family

Owen and I have been keeping busy since we got to Ah Mah's house. In fact, we're only home to sleep most days. Here's some of what we've been up to.

Hooray for uncles and aunties!
Dinner with the uncles and aunties at Tokyo Tables.

The kids loved their dinner at Tokyo Table
Owen and I LOVED the keiki plate. It's got all our favorites: yakisoba, french fries, and karaage chicken. All washed down with milk (for me) and OJ (for Owen). The kid's plate even came with an ice cream dessert!

Making out with ice cream
Here's how much Owen loved it. As Uncle Nicky says - Owen's "making out" with his ice cream!

When daddy finally arrived on Sunday, he took us to a birthday party for Alana. We also got to meet her new baby sister, Maile

Having fun at MyGym
I loved playing at My Gym

Happy Birthday, Alana!
Happy Birthday, Alana!

Owen loves the frosting
Owen really loved the frosting on the cupcakes

And while daddy took us to the birthday party, mommy went to the bridal shower she organized for Aunty Kathy.

Old roomies
Mommy with the aunties (her college roommates).

I was told that Owen and I have big jobs to do this weekend at Aunty Kathy's wedding. I wonder what it will be.

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