Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plane ride with mommy and the OC

After spending three days at his conference in DC, daddy had to go back to Boston to do more work. So mommy took us on a big airplane to visit Ah Mah and Ah Gong in OC. We almost missed the plane since it took us a long time to get to the airport and through security with all our stuff.

Covered in stickers
During the plane ride, I covered myself with Curious George stickers. I think the stickers kept me busy for about 30 min. Mommy let me watch TV for another hour, then we read books until Aki and I fell asleep half way through our flight.

The next day, mommy took Aki and I to the Discovery Science Center where...

I practice my diving moves,

Sliding at Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana
and Aki played on the slide.

Then we went to pick Ah Gu up from the airport and went to say hi to my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Reconnecting with cousins
Here's a picture of us with Ah Mah and my cousins, Ariel and Sydney.

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