Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Day at the Farm

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day. Daddy had the day off, so we went apple picking at Lookout Farm again. I love the farm because I get to ride on the trains, eat fresh-picked fruits, and run around on their huge playground.

I love trains
Can you tell I love trains?

Cheating my way out of the maze
My first time in the maze and I cheated my way out. Mommy caught me red-handed.

Yummy grapes
The train conductor picked some grapes off the vines for us as we got on the train. Boy were they sweet!

After naptime, Daddy took me out to the park near our house. He took some great pictures of the fall colors. It's hard to believe in a month, all these trees won't have any more leaves!

Fall is here!
Fall is here!

Fall colors in outside our house
Trees in the parking lot outside our house.

You may have noticed I was wearing a Red Sox "Dice-K" Matsuzaka t-shirt in the picture. That was because Dice-K was pitching that night in the last game against the Cleveland Indians. I think wearing the shirt worked since Dice-K did really well that night and the Red Sox won the American League title. Watch out, Ah Gu, the Red Sox is no match for your Rockies! Go Sox!

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Steven Tsuchida said...

Go Sox! I love the link to your local "Ent"! Funny stuff...Until the Ents come alive and crush us all. Then, not so funny.