Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall Harvest at Drumlin Farm

Last Sunday, Mommy and I went to Drumlin Farm with Uncle Sameer, Auntie Sarita, and Ronak while Daddy was 50 miles away at a boring conference. We saw lots of animals, including these strange creatures.

Fuzzy caterpillah.

Ronak is petting me
Ronak petting me.

Ronak and I played in dirt...

Dig dig
I'm practicing my gardening skills for the next time I visit Grandma in Hawaii.

And hay.

Who would have thought hay could be so fun!

We also painted pumpkins. Here's mine.

My pumpkin
Showing off my artistic ability on yet another medium.

The Sheths and me
Ronak and I holding our musical instruments to play along with the live music.

Mommy and me at Drumlin
Mommy and me enjoying the music.

Too bad we didn't get a chance to pick any vegetables or raspberries this time. Ronak and I were too tired from chasing all the animals around.

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