Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Byeee Ah Gu

I can't believe Ah Gu's been gone for a few days already. So let me fill you in on what we did the rest of the time he was here.

We continued to eat a lot.

Eating calamari in front of the bubble wall at Legals

Ah Gu having cioppino, which is Italian for big bowl full of fishies

We went to the Children's Museum. This nice lady read me my How Are You Peeling book. Ah Gu wasn't there because he went to check out the ICA next door. I don't think he could have had more fun than I did.

The book says, "Don't belong? Not for long!"

We went to this guy's house.

What kind of milk is he drinking? Does he know it's coming out of his cup?

We saw all kinds of big pots and vats and stuff where they make this guy's milk.

Ah Gu holding the ingredients

Wait! It's brown?!! Eeww...

Daddy and Ah Gu enjoyed it, but it didn't look too appetizing to me.

We went to a lot of places with Ah Gu. He was a good uncle, taking care of me when mommy and daddy trying to get stuff done in the kitchen, letting me play with his iPhone, leaving out his computer for me to see... It was fun to have Ah Gu here. Hopefully I'll see him again soon!

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