Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another day at the ICA

Ronak's grandparents came to visit last weekend. Ronak and I took them and our parents to the ICA for another art-filled playdate. The theme for this month is "From Ordinary to Extraordinary". We were given straws and a foam block to create our own 3-D sculptures.

Mommy and I working on our sculptures
Mommy and I working on our sculptures.

Ronak with his mommy and grandma
Ronak with his mommy and grandma.

Our straw sculptures
Our finished products (the left one is Ronak's and the right one is mine).

After working hard at our sculptures, we went back upstairs to look at more art. There was a neat exhibit called, "Design Life Now". Our parents thought the displayed "art" were really cool; Ronak and I love the blinking wall of lights best. We also got to run around the big glass window that overlooks the harbor.

Ronak and I trying to figure out how to get on the train below
Hmmm... how do we get down there to the train?

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