Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Preview

Lots of people have been asking Mommy and Daddy what I'm going to be dressed as for Halloween. Here's a preview. Roar!

Pretzel snacks at the Halloween Party
Mommy and me at the MOMS Club Halloween Party.

Scary big cats
My friend, Grant, and I are scary big cats.

Up and Down, Up and Down...
Daddy trying to get Grant and I to sing along with "Wheels on the Bus song":"the people on the bus go up and down, up and down...."

After the party, we went to the Lantern Festival at Jamaica Pond. It was quite chilly out. Good thing I had a nice warm coat to keep me warm. Mommy improvised a lantern by putting an LED light inside my plastic "trick-or-treating" jack-o-lantern. There were so many people at the pond with really beautiful lanterns. Too bad we couldn't get a good picture since daddy doesn't have a tripod.

Lantern Walk
Lantern Walk

Happy Halloween, everyone! I promise more pictures of Owen the Lion later this week.


Dan, Linda, and Emma said...

Wow Owen! What a ferocious lion you are! We're sure you scared up lots of candy!

JT said...

Cute costume Owen! Now if only your daddy would dress up as Dorothy and your mommy would dress up as Toto...wait, maybe those costumes should be in reverse.