Friday, October 26, 2007

'Tis the Season for Pumpkins

Earlier this week, Mommy hosted a pumpkin decorating playdate at our house for her MOMS group. A bunch of my friends came over and we decorated our pumpkins with markers and stickers. Here are my creations.

Pumpkins I decorated
What do you think? Not quite a Van Gogh yet.

Yesterday at Target, Mommy and I saw a kit to convert a pumpkin into a "Mr. Potato Head"-themed character. We decided on the Pirate kit. Our pumpkin is a little too small, but you get the idea.

Arrrrr, the pirate pumpkin
Arrr, I'm the pirate pumpkin!

In other news, I slipped and hit my head on the door jam yesterday after dinner. Mommy and Daddy put ice on it right away, and I feel fine. Now I have a big purple bruise over my right eye. The fall must have made me pretty woozy since this is what I picked out to wear to bed, a piece from 3 different pajamas outfit. And I also tried to put on the bottoms of my Halloween costume too, but Daddy stopped me.

Hmmm... does this outfit work?
Hmmm... does this outfit work?

1 comment:

oakmonster said...

Awww...Owen's first "bar fight" injury! :)

Uncle Brandon and Aunty Oakley also had bruises to share with you. We are so old, we didn't even know how we get them. LOL.