Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 0

Ok, here are some more pictures that daddy took of our family yesterday on Phoebe's birthday. I'm waiting with Ah Mah at home to go see baby again today.

Ready to come out?
Here's mommy waiting for baby to come out

1st photo
What baby looked like when she came out

Scale shot
What a fat baby!

Eyes all goopy
No need to cry, baby...

One eye
One eye open, my favorite technique

Settling down in our room
Mommy and baby settling down in their room

Watching Phoebe get her first bath
When I came, I got to watch Phoebe have her first bath

Demonstrating how to bathe a baby by bathing Phoebe
She was the model for the newborn bath class

Pointing at the diggers
There was some construction equipment outside the window

Ah Mah and her grandkids
Ah Mah and us grandkids

Ok, more when I get back to the hospital today...

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