Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Saturday at the ICA

Since our family's gotten a bit bigger, we decided to go out to the Family Saturday at the ICA. We haven't been there in a few months. I was excited to go! Phoebe came too, but she was asleep the whole time. That means I get to tell you about it!

When we got there, Ronak and Aunty Sarita were waiting for us!

Playing in the courtyard
Ronak and me playing in the entryway

We had an fun time in this thing. The two circles of mirrors spin around you as you stand in the middle, which could have been dangerous, except they spin very very slowly.

This one was fun too. The guy drew on the wall and posed next to it so that it looked like he was catching all kinds of stuff. You'll have to go to the exhibit to see if he caught the car.

Afterwards we went to go make some crafts then it was on to lunch. One of the neat features of the ICA is that there are no high chairs, which means that me and Ronak get to sit on big people chairs. How fun!

In the corner with Ronak
We can get down whenever we like!

Lunch at the ICA
Here I am contemplating the parking lot

I love visiting the ICA!

Looking out over the harbor
Looking to see whether there are fish and divers in the harbor. I am also so excited, I am pooping.

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