Thursday, March 06, 2008

Not yet

Yesterday mommy and daddy went to visit the doctor to see when the baby will come out. The doctor said that the baby's not coming yet, but maybe soon. Then after dinner, mommy said her tummy was hurting so she and daddy went to the hospital to check if the baby was coming. Tip, my babysitter, put me to bed.

When I woke up I was all ready to see the new baby, but no, it was just mommy and daddy, back from the hospital with no baby. But Ah Mah was there! She came while I was sleeping. Ah Mah's here so that when the baby comes she can hang out with me.

Mommy and daddy went to the doctor again today, but still no change. So we're just hanging out. We'll let you know when things happen.


OakMonster said...

It's a showdown between you and my friend Aurora now! Dresden/Peanut's due date was Thurday, but since he's their first, I guess he gets a week plus or minus. We've been on baby watch all weekend. LOL.

Monica said... I have not kept in touch very is busy. I am so glad you have this blog; it is fun to see what Owen and family are up to. Congrats on the newest little one on the way. I am sure you know already, Mike, but Alice Kuo had her little one on Valentine's day.