Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waiting for baby

This past week, while waiting for baby to arrive, I've been keeping busy. p'Tip, my babysitter, helped me get an early start on Easter. She brought over some hard-boiled eggs, and we got to color them!

Getting ready for Easter
Getting ready for Easter

Easter eggs
Finished products

On Saturday, Daddy took me to the Aquarium again to visit the masked divers. We were surprised to see the penguins surrounded by baby gates. It turns out that their exhibit was drained and needed to be cleaned.

Penguins waiting for their exhibit to be cleaned
Poor penguins

Sunday was a lot of fun since we went to the Museum of Science. Of course, I had to go visit the chicks.

Just hatched

Then we saw the new Lizards and Snakes exhibit. We learned that together, lizards and snakes are called "squamates". There sure were lots of squamates in the exhibit!

Iguana likes me
The iguana likes me.

Funny looking chameleon
Funny looking chameleon


After seeing the lizards and snakes, we saw a new show called the "Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show" about atoms, molecules, and nanotechnology. I'm not sure what all that stuff means, but their juggling act was fun to watch. Mommy and daddy seem to really enjoy it.

The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show
Nano Brothers demonstrating how electrons move around in a molecule.

As of today, still no baby sister yet... even though I tell her to "come out" every day.

Mommy, Ah Mah, and me
Mommy, Ah Mah, and me.

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