Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today while Aki was sleeping, daddy took me to an Easter egg hunt in the park. We got there a little early, which was good because it was super crowded. Good thing there were lots of eggs to go around.

Not very hidden eggs
Hidden Easter eggs

Easter Bunny in Roslindale
The Easter Bunny left the mall to come to this party

What the Easter Bunny's helper gave me
His helper gave me this lollipop

Then it was time for the hunt! The horn blew and all the kids ran into the lawn. Lucky there was a toddler area because I didn't want to get knocked down by the big kids.

Pick up my rubber band, pick up the egg
My priorities--first pick up random rubber band, then Easter egg

Mayor Menino hanging out at the Easter Egg hunt
The mayor was there to hang out with us

My score
Showing off my score, 7 eggs.

My first lollipop
Eating my first lollipop ever on the way home. Crunch crunch.

I had a lot of fun this morning. It was a lot more exciting than last year's Easter egg hunt anyway.

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