Monday, March 24, 2008

Living easy

So today I had a relaxed day, with P'Tip coming early and my first trip of the spring to the playground.

i'm in mommy's bed
First, I lounged around in the big big bed. "I go sleep here!"

Then it was on to the playground. Daddy took me out because of the lovely 46 degree weather. We saw some fire trucks go by while I was on the jungle gym.

After the playground, there was some excitement in our little area. It turned out that the fire trucks came to our house! Some leaves had caught on fire up on the hill, and the fire truck came to put it out.

brush fire at hancock village
Not much of a fire

When I got inside, I got another present for being such a good brother. It was a new fire truck! This one came from friends in New Orleans.

Reading the story book for my new fire truck
Reading the story book that came with my new fire truck

kung fu hands
Then we hung out with Phoebe. When she's unswaddled, she has kung fu hands.

Phoebe is cute.

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