Friday, March 14, 2008

Not Much Longer...

So mommy's made it almost to Saturday, which is the day that the baby is scheduled to come. I'm still waiting patiently. Here are some more of what we've been doing while we wait...

All aboard!
Playing with my new train

Colors on the wall
Helping Ah Mah put colors on the wall at "school"

Chowing down at EI
Chowing down on strawberries at school

Reading with p'Tip
Reading with my babysitter p'Tip

Giving Sammy a ride
Giving Sammy bear a ride on my car

White jacket...Oops!
Reenacting Blue Hat Green Hat... Oops!

Pants go off
Learning how to take off my clothes

One more day until baby comes out!

1 comment:

oakmonster said...

Dresden stopped playing hard to get and decided to come out this morning. Hope to meet your little girl very soon too!