Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm home!

So today I got another bite, this time on my foot. Then since everyone was feeling pretty good, we left our beautiful room and went home.

Mommy getting ready to leave the hospital
Mommy and me getting ready to leave the hospital

Phoebe and daddy
Me and daddy

Leaving the Brigham
The paparazzi were waiting for us outside the front door. Lucky I had my privacy canopy up.

We settled in at home. Owen sat in my car seat, and claimed it was his for sleeping.

Then Owen's friend, Ronak, and his mommy and daddy visited us. They came with presents for me and for Owen! They're the ones who also got us the flowers you can see behind mommy's head up above.

Owen and Ronak conversating

Ronak giving Owen a present
Ronak giving Owen his present in my carseat

Visitors at home
My first home visitors

I'm very happy to be home, and I think mommy, daddy and Owen are too. I am eating better than ever and gathering my energy for a big all-nighter tonight. Yay home!


Jeffrey said...

When are we going to see video of Phebes? Yes, I am a demanding uncle :)

Thida said...

Received your card notifying us about Phoebe. From my mom and me, congratulations and best wishes.