Saturday, January 21, 2006

A nice walk and baby acne!

Nothing much to update. Since it was such a nice day today, I decided to see how long I can stay awake. After my morning feeding, I stayed awake for 4 hours! Since mommy and grandma couldn't get me to go to sleep, they gave me another bath (wah!) and then we went for a walk around the neighborhood. When we got back to the house, I still didn't want to sleep. Mommy thought that I might like playing with my baby gym -- well, it didn't last too long since I was very hungry. I finally went to sleep after a short feeding.

Also, mommy is starting to get worried about my skin condition. I've started to break out already. Daddy says that baby acne is normal and it will go away in a few weeks. I hope so... since I don't want to ruin my complexion for all the pretty girls.

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Una Bruno said...

Dont worry about baby acne, Owen! You can barely see it. Besides, I've got it, too.