Saturday, February 04, 2006

Scenic San Pedro

Since grandma and grandpa are returning to Hawaii this week (which makes me sad), they wanted to get some gifts for the family back home. Grandma wanted to go to get some kaki, or sweet dried persimmons. Since we were heading south to Marukai to get them, mommy and daddy decided to make a day of it.

We spent the cold and foggy morning in San Pedro. At least I think it was cold and foggy because while I was sleeping, my face got chilly and wet. Mommy and daddy told me later that we had visited a gigantic bell from Korea, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We had also seen a hospital where volunteers care for sick sea lions and seals. I wish I had been awake for that!

After visiting these places, we drove to the Cabrillo Aquarium. I stayed in the car with mommy because I was hungry. Plus mommy said she had been to the aquarium before. Daddy told me later that he saw a lobster that was bigger than me and lots of cool fishies. Maybe I can convince mommy to take me again some day.

Korean Bell of Friendship

I had to keep the top up on my convertible because it was so cold

Me, daddy and grandma at the seal and sea lion hospital

This sea lion had eaten some bad algae, so she was really sleepy. She needed this lady's help to give her some fluids.

While she didn't go into the aquarium, mommy did have to go inside to pee. I'm not sure why she didn't just go in her pants like me.

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Una Bruno said...

Dear Owen - Good question! Why don't our mommys and daddys go in their pants like we do? They are so silly. By the way, I am SUPER impressed by your graph in your "4 weeks old" post. Not sure what it means, but my goodness does it ever look fancy. Also, I think it's really cool that your daddy makes milk, too. I'm gonna ask my dad to do that, too! Your pal, Una. PS - tell your mom that she looks really pretty in these pictures!