Friday, July 21, 2006


The other day at sign language class, teacher had bubbles. Everyone liked them so much, mommy got some for me today! She played them for me inside the house this morning, and I liked them a lot.

They were strong bubbles too. They stayed up in the air for a long time, and when they landed on my spiky hair, they didn't pop until mommy blew them off!

So Many Bubbles!
I wanted to touch them but that didn't work so well

When daddy got home from work, he wanted to play bubbles too. So I got to sit on mommy while daddy made bubbles. He blew big ones that dropped to the ground under their own weight. Mommy had to show him how to blow medium size ones that float in the air a long time.

I like the bubbles
Daddy and I like bubbles


JT said...

Hey Owen, you have the cutest smile!...but your daddy looks confused in that picture. why is that?

OakMonster said...

I love bubbles too! Bought a bubble gun from a street vendor the other day for $5. ;-D Daddy should invest in that. Hint hint!