Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aunty Nut's Graduation

Yesterday, my Aunty Nut graduated from Kasetsart University in Thailand. We couldn't go to her graduation, but we wanted to wish her all the best now that she's done with school. Maybe she will get paid loads of money with her new job so she can come visit us! Here are some pictures of the graduation she sent us via e-mail.

Aunty Nut's Graduation
Yay for the graduate!

Group photo of Aunty Nut's Graduation
From left to right, Laow-Ko (Great-aunty), Laow-Ma (Great-grandma), Aunty Nut, Aunty Neui, Laow-Khim (Great-aunty), and Laow-Ku (Great-uncle). But where's Uncle Nahm? He must have been taking the picture.

Maybe one day Mommy and Daddy will let me go to Thailand to meet all the family.

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