Thursday, July 20, 2006

I want to feed myself!

This morning, Daddy had a hard time feeding me. Everytime he tried to put the spoon in my mouth, I would try to take it away from him and put it in my mouth myself. Daddy let me try a few times... but he had to help me guide the spoon into my mouth. Overall, I didn't do too badly. Maybe I can convince Mommy and Daddy to let me feed myself from now on.

Wait a minute, I know this
Wait a minute, I know this

I can do it
C'mon, Daddy, I can do it

Now what do I do?
Now what do I do?

I am sleepy now.
I am sleepy now.

In other news, Mommy took me to a class yesterday to learn sign language. Apparently, Mommy and Daddy think I will be able to learn and communicate with them by signing. I don't know about that, but we had lots of fun meeting other babies, singing songs, and playing with bears, balls, and bubbles! Too bad Mommy forgot to take pictures. I'll have to remind her next week to take pictures to show you.

One more thing - I HATE broccoli. I refuse to eat them. So now Mommy and Daddy have to figure out what new food to feed me this Sunday. What do you think? Leave me a comment.


Linen said...

well duh! who likes broccoli? =P i'm a potato fan myself :D

JT said...

Don't worry Owen, your daddy has a hard time feeding's a coordination thing. I think you should try Gelato next...wait, was that even one of the choices?

OakMonster said...

Go Thai style and have some smushed up bananas! Or some liquid part of congee.

mikenan said...

Hmm, I see mommy and daddy eating bananas all the time. I wonder if they're any good? I bet I could smush them up myself too.